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Hi! We introduced ourselves on the blog, but the posts will have a permanent home of sorts here. If you're new and wondering, yet don't want to trawl through all the posts, here's the place for you. Likewise, if you've already seen them and for some reason want to see them again, here they are (they may have been updated a little). When I have time I'll also be putting up the links to our individual twitters :)


Hmm... I should probably start with the pre-requisite cheery greeting. Well here goes...


I'm Zahra S. Drake (nope not my real name - I wish!). There's no story behind it really, unlike my last one, but I like it, it's easy to pronounce, and it has no awkward connotations. I read a bit of everything, though fantasy will always be my favourite genre and is the main genre I write. Fantasy's a pretty broad term, meaning "The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable" and so everything from vampires to aliens to the chance that I had risotto for dinner tonight (I had pasta, I cannot cook risotto... or even just the rice for that matter) counts as fantasy. So me saying that I only write fantasy is a bit like me saying I only eat food (If you haven't noticed yet, I like food XD)."

...And breathe. I don't really do cheery, so there you go. That was half copy-pasted from my old fp if it seemed familiar (I mean really, you didn't expect me to write a new cheery greeting when the old one is perfectly fine did you?)

Anyway, intro over with, if you know me IRL then I'd have to say I'm amazed; I thought you guys were joking when you said my writing interested you (no offence to you all by the way, you should know by now that my self-esteem is several thousand kilometers underground...).

If you've somehow just randomly stumbled across this blog, then I'm also kind of amazed, I wouldn't say it's easy to randomly stumble across. (Hey, that amazement in two sentences...I swear I don't usually get amazed this often...)

Welcome all and feel free to pull up a stool. Perhaps I've managed to thoroughly discourage you from reading anything else I write, but stay for the cookies?


It is lovely to meet you. Let me introduce myself, my name's Rebecca and I am one of the new co-writers on this here blog. I know the founder of Coffee and Kiwis, "Zahra", from when we used to go to the same high school together and I was the in the year below her. I don't, however, believe I have met the other co-writer Jack Bottle so don't ask me anything about him, I'm as oblivious as you.
How about I tell you a little bit about myself? That might be a good idea. Well, I was born on the 19th of October 1995 so I turned 17 a few months ago (it feels like yesterday, time really needs to slow down otherwise it's going to get a speeding ticket). Since then, I have thought about driving lessons, but I haven't actually done anything about them. I may wait a while, I do seem to have other things to concentrate on, like AS exams... Can you believe I have a Psychology one on the 10th of January? That's the third day back after the holidays. Because I really wanted to spend my Christmas holidays revising (okay, so I haven't actually done much revising... I'm going to do more tomorrow).
Other things I have been thinking about recently include getting a job. I have actually applied to a couple of places but nobody seems to want me because I have no previous retail experience. How am I supposed to get previous retail experience if you won't give me any? It's a vicious circle.
My parents, as well as badgering me about getting a job (I'M TRYING), are also badgering me about doing more exercise. I already go horse riding once a fortnight and I do want to do more but, as you can probably tell from all this other stuff I've been rambling on about, I simply don't have the time (and it's not just because I don't have a watch).
So, hopefully that gives you a little insight into my life and me. Hopefully you don't hate me or my bad jokes.
Until next time,
Rebecca Xx

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