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The Mortal Instruments

(A small note: I had so much planned, and so little actually got typed. I'm sure I will blog about it all soon. My "muse" - I hate that word, but it's the best I have - has begrudgingly sloped back it seems.)

You knew this was coming. Given that my small "Why I x Sebastian Verlac" trilogy of posts are the most searched things on this blog - and amongst the most viewed, I had to cover the film and aftermath - even though Sebastian Verlac (why yes, I will continue referring to him as such - some people haven't gotten to the end of book three and most people missed the important line quietly spoken by Hodge in the film, so some people don't know...) isn't in the series until book three.

At this point, I don't know whether I can bring myself to buy the last book in the Mortal Instruments series when it finally comes out. Book 5 wasn't that good, but it's the film that's tipped me over the edge.

Don't get me wrong, the film was generally great - and pretty awesome for an adaption, if very corny in parts and very divergent from the source material in places (duh, it's a film adaption) - but the film flopped (I blame lack of advertisement) and now Cassie Clare is apparently running around (well not literally running around) talking about how it's all the director's fault it flopped and that she had little input in anything, when back at comic-con she said:

"There really was almost nothing where I didn't bug Harold about the costumes, or the sets, or the casting, or the story [on] one level or another. It was a very, sort of, group process because he was sort of introducing me to how you make a movie and I was talking to him about, you know, the stories and where they went in the future and how things in this movie would affect the story down the road and it was very collaborative."

Having carried on reading and loving the books despite the "plagarism" scandal (interpret the plagarism and its inclusion in quote marks as you will, for I shant be going into it. I myself was not particularly bothered by said "plagarism", and did enjoy what I managed to find and read of the Draco trilogy) and all the other accounts of her generally being a horrible person (oh there are a lot of those), I'm kinda pissed at her attitude. Eh. I will probably still buy book 6 - I hate leaving a series unfinished. But don't even mention the upcoming Dark Artifices trilogy. I'm not reading that now.

Prediction: though they do still appear to be doing a second film, if it really does go ahead there wont be a third.

I should probably in some capacity mention the film. It was good. Generally well cast - despite my doubts - even if side characters like Izzy and Alec were left flat and uninteresting, and Jamie Campbell Bower did a very good job of playing Jace - even if he's still not hot. Clary (Lily Collins), Simon (Robert Sheehan), Jocelyn (Lena Headey) and Luke (Aidan Turner) in particular I thought were played very well, and Valentine was played as best he probably could with the depth of his character being cut down in the script and the styling being as it was. Definitely looking forward to more of Godfrey Gao's Magnus if there's another (though where were Rafael and Kaylie!?).

In terms of plot it was kept largely on line and it was well done, and I can see why some of the more gimmicky bits were taken away (i.e. Rat-Simon). It's nice to see it was still kept much of the tone of the book. The ending... no. There were some interesting and good additions to the ending, but... the ending should not have had demons in it (Valentine could not canonically - no, in this case I do not consider the film canon - physically summon demons until he had the cup. At all) and time should have been spent explaining the Forsaken, and Valentine should have at least tried the whole family aspect thing before slamming Clary's head into the desk (as it was in his character to actually be somewhat family-orientated). I can forgive it for taking place in the wrong setting (and the big portal discrepancy), but not those actually fairly important plot points.

Effects: good, but I shouldn't have really had to comment as there should not have been as many as there were. The whole demons and fire thing... no.

(Cutting short this here as it's getting long, if people are interested I may lengthen :P)

Despite what seems like an unhappy film review, I did love the film. It was pretty awesome imo, and I will - after figuring out if I can get a blu-ray player or not for my new laptop - see if I can get it on pre-order when it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray. Mmmm.

9/10 - possibly an inflated score, but I really did enjoy the film.

See ya next time,

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