Saturday, 27 July 2013

Speaking My Piece...

So, on planning a joint day by the writing club I "run", a picnic club I'm in, and for a film trip, I made an announcement on the date changing. Now you're probably thinking, "why is this relevant to general writing?", but just bear with me a sec.

See, at the end, I jokingly (because no-one will adhere to this clause once it's changed) put "raise your objections by 12pm tomorrow or forever hold your piece". And then I realise I had never seen the "speak now or forever hold your piece" quote written down (with either piece or peace) and a 5 second Google search said it was "peace". This makes absolutely no sense.

The whole phrase is about arguments. You don't speak to say you're at peace with the arrangement, you speak your "piece" about why the arrangement is - in your eyes - wrong. It's your one time to argue that the marriage is unlawful or for some other reason shouldn't occur before the marriage is sealed and you have to hold your "piece", having lost the chance to speak it.

Holding my "peace" about an arrangement would be to argue against it, and no-one wants to hear you moaning about their marriage for their whole life (in fact, this sounds like an excellent way to lose friends... ironically however, I appear to have misplaced a friend by not speaking my piece... *sigh*), so hold your piece, not your peace (unless the situation calls for speaking your piece and it's the right thing to do).

Back to writing, the moral of this is to use your common sense when quickly Googling spellings/grammar. A common sense thing, right? To use your common sense. But sometimes we forget to as we rely on Google too much (as Google is usually right... I think ;) ).

See ya next time,

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