Friday, 5 April 2013

That's funny...

So, out of interest, I thought I'd take a look at the blog stats. To anyone interested, this little blog has now had 1,833 views - which is quite a lot (especially as my own page views aren't factored in :P), so thank-you everyone. You're all amazing and I love you all for supporting this. Yet, I didn't randomly decide to write a post on page views in some sort of odd ego boosting exercise, this post is about content.

See, the site stats also tell me about search strings people put in the pretty search box (which, when attempting to use just now I decided I hate, but oh well) in the top left of the page. It was when I looked at that I realised how very very far Coffee and Kiwis has come from its original 5k Words a Month form. In a bad way. The search strings mostly were about my rants on literature and my idle musings on literary technique. And finally, I remind myself that that is what Coffee and Kiwis is about.

Coffee and Kiwis, as I've said before but clearly it didn't enter my own brain, is about writing. Not the odd political, gaming and film-based rants of recently. I have - and yes, this does sound awfully melodramatic even to my own ears - sacrificed what this blog is about for quantity.

So - and I'm sorry for yet another change - I'm taking the blog backwards. In a good way. My newsy, political rants will probably move to another blog while I'll boost up the number of writing posts (as it's been a painfully long time since there was actually a writing post).

Rebecca and I have a few posts lined up I do believe, and Rebecca's content will stay the same after this. My own content however, will focus a little more on the actual writing after the scheduled posts have finished running through. I'll still do the odd gaming, film and music post, along with the updates so you know what's actually going on with us (just in case we go on another hiatus) but I think it's time I returned to what this blog is.

I'm also going to start running word counts at the bottom of my posts for my own writing - it wont all end up on the blog, but at least it will get me back into writing again.

Speaking of writing, I do believe there's a scheduled post coming with some writing I managed to nab - with permission of course - off of Jack (who's alive, just not actively taking part in the blog).

See you next time,

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