Thursday, 4 April 2013

On Horsemeat and Halal

I can hear it now "Oh no! This is so old already!". And that is exactly why I am talking about it. It's now over (and I've not been writing this blog for a good month and a half...). For anyone who missed my twitter rant...

""10 million burgers were put into storage to put dumped following the debacle" - this is the real scandal behind this horse meat shambles, they say they could have been selling the burgers for a year! If no-one complained, then there was no problem. Just write on all the boxes "Beef (and maybe horse) Burgers". Problem solved. Do not chuck our 10 million perfectly edible burgers because of someone's weak, entitled posturing. We as a planet are NOT in a position to waste food! And no they're dumping lasagne! Argh! What has this country come to!? That's not even getting onto the usual tonne of stock supermarkets throw out daily just because they got new stock in. Yeah, they're not dumping it because it's out of date, they're dumping it for space!"

I shall assume - though do tell me if I'm wrong - that everyone's heard about the UK's "horse meat scandal"  and has been shaking their heads at our stupidity. Basically, some horse DNA was found in some beef products. That was it. We don't like it because we're not used to eating horse and because some people keep horses as pets. That's the only argument. *Sigh*. You'd think that there wasn't a story to be talking about involving there being pork in halal meat. Oh wait! There was! And guess what? No-one cared, because it happened to prisoners.

The not-really-Halal meat scandal was covered for maybe a day? With real impact on people's intrinsic religious beliefs and lifestyles. The horse meat thing went on for a good few weeks, and why? Urgh, it's enough to make a person sick.

It could be argued that if they were in prison in the first place they probably weren't following their own religion, but they can't always be blamed for that. At the risk of getting onto a really controversial topic, religious leaders like to cherry pick from their own texts. The Catholic church does it, and it happens in other religions too. A group of people will get taught some small section of their own religious text and will take only that into account. And maybe you'd say "well they should read their religious text if they're going to claim to adhere to it", but I don't think many people could honestly say they'd read all of their religion's text (unless you're agnostic, then you don't have a religious text, or if you're atheist, in which case you also don't have a religious text but you've read all of them anyway).

I'm a Methodist, and I've not read all of the Bible. I know a lot of Catholics too, and I don't think any of them have read all of the Bible either.

Anyway! Horse meat! Yes! So we've been moaning about nothing, we have nothing to be whining about... I personally in fact, would like to see horse meat on British supermarket shelves, I hear it's nice if you get a good cut and cook it well. And there was a cook who took cheap beef burgers and cheap horse burgers... and then said they tasted exactly the same. People need to embrace new things, not run away from them.

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