Thursday, 4 April 2013


Mmm... How I love chocolate. I know for some people Easter is a religious thing, or it has more meaning than just chocolate, but I don't really practice any religion or anything (not that there's anything wrong with people that do, I'm just not one of them) so basically when I think about Easter I think about Chocolate.
And this year I got some lovely chocolate:

Oh yeah, and some body spray... which is from my nan, along with the Galaxy and the small pink and white polka dot egg. The body spray was a nice little extra, I just hope Nan wasn't trying to tell me anything (such as "GET SOME BODY SPRAY ON YOU, YOU AWFUL SMELLING CHILD" but I doubt it was that, my nan's lovely). The Minnie egg is from my mum and the cream eggs are from my best friend, Rolo (not her full name, her nickname). And yes, it was all very delicious.
Ooh, and my mum made these delicious chocolate nest things (she couldn't find any mini eggs so she used Smarties instead, still as good):

Mmm... Wonderful, and all eaten up very quickly.
Speaking of Easter, who watched the Doctor Who on Saturday? I DID AND IT WAS AWESOME SAUCE. (If you weren't aware, Doctor Who is one of my favourite things EVER). Probably more on Doctor Who another time, because I will go on about that for hours so it really needs it's own post.
I hope you enjoyed another random post from me.
Until next time,
Rebecca Xx

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