Thursday, 7 February 2013

I like Harry Potter too...

Note: this post is rather drabbley/ramble-y...

I, like Rebecca, love the Harry Potter films. Yes I said films. I do love books - it's not uncommon for a friend to find a book they're interested in and ask if I have it before they check the library ;) - but...I'm not a fan of J.K. Rowling's writing style and I just couldn't get into her books, despite loving the world she created in them *shrug*. Harry Potter is my - oh dear... I cannot believe I am saying this - go-to fandom for fanfiction (both reading and writing, though I don't write much) and... just... *squee*. I'm one of those kinda twisted dark Harry fans - I especially love Harry-is-Voldemort's-son/heir fics...

On another topic... I also like healthy snacks. Give me a pink lady apple and I'm happy. Give me a banana, a   kiwi, strawberries, melon, pears, or various other fruits and I'm happy. Even give me carrot sticks and I'm happy (mmm)! That said I'm horribly unhealthy, as my two favourite snacks have got to be super noodles and salt and vinegar sticks (oops). In fact, I think I've tried just enough brands of s-n-v sticks to make a post about a comparison of supermarket brand ones. Will do, mayhaps, if I run out of ideas some time.

On the subject of food, must go get some - it's around 7pm here and I've not eaten dinner yet. I still have... the factfile and the writing to do for this fortnight too... Damn it, I'm going to cop out. Hello writing post (I feel crappy for doing I'll be sharing that horribly confusing Lalage entry from the summer - remember that Rebecca? :P).

Like awful, badly written, thrown together HP fanfiction? Look no further (reviews very welcome). Damn it, I've not done any original work for a while - damn uni applications, school work, relationship issues - everyone's, not even mine (I am too busy running from as many of my own foreseeable problems as possible) - and that horribly enticing Firefly/Dollhouse/Chuck/Doctor Who fanfic competition I'm currently trying to enter.

See you next time (and sorry!),

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