Saturday, 5 January 2013

Well, Hello There...

It is lovely to meet you. Let me introduce myself, my name's Rebecca and I am one of the new co-writers on this here blog. I know the founder of Coffee and Kiwis, "Zahra", from when we used to go to the same high school together and I was the in the year below her. I don't, however, believe I have met the other co-writer Jack Bottle so don't ask me anything about him, I'm as oblivious as you.
How about I tell you a little bit about myself? That might be a good idea. Well, I was born on the 19th of October 1995 so I turned 17 a few months ago (it feels like yesterday, time really needs to slow down otherwise it's going to get a speeding ticket). Since then, I have thought about driving lessons, but I haven't actually done anything about them. I may wait a while, I do seem to have other things to concentrate on, like AS exams... Can you believe I have a Psychology one on the 10th of January? That's the third day back after the holidays. Because I really wanted to spend my Christmas holidays revising (okay, so I haven't actually done much revising... I'm going to do more tomorrow).
Other things I have been thinking about recently include getting a job. I have actually applied to a couple of places but nobody seems to want me because I have no previous retail experience. How am I supposed to get previous retail experience if you won't give me any? It's a vicious circle.
My parents, as well as badgering me about getting a job (I'M TRYING), are also badgering me about doing more exercise. I already go horse riding once a fortnight and I do want to do more but, as you can probably tell from all this other stuff I've been rambling on about, I simply don't have the time (and it's not just because I don't have a watch).
So, hopefully that gives you a little insight into my life and me. Hopefully you don't hate me or my bad jokes.
Until next time,
Rebecca Xx

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