Friday, 18 January 2013

This Snow Is Crazy...

Aw, look at that, we have a lovely new design. How wonderful. I probably have Zahra to thank for that. Haha, oh Zahra, the things me and her talk about... (Ever heard of Drapple?).

You're probably all bored of hearing this by now, but this snow is crazy. We've had it in Norfolk for the past 3 days and now the rest of the country has it too. I actually managed to have a snow day today, not because my college closed (that place is as tough as nails and determined not to close, ever) but because the busses were cancelled. And there's no point walking in because I would have only had English and then tutorial and by the time I would've got there I would've have missed English and there is no way I was walking into college just for tutorial. Basically, most of the stuff we do in tutorial is just like P.S.H.E.E. back at high school, i.e. mostly just alcohol and smoking etc. Neither of which I have anything to do with so it's a bit pointless drilling into my head the fact that the daily recommended amount of alcohol for women is 2 to 3 units when I don't drink and the fact that smoking kills (isn't it obvious?) when I don't smoke. Apparently later on we'll actually start learning about applying for university and everything, which I admit will be useful, but right now tutorial isn't the most important lesson that I go to.

But anyway, back to the snow! So after three days of trudging around the city in the snow, I actually get a day off. Do you want to see some of my pictures and read some of my experiences of the snow? Of course you do.

Let's start with Tuesday.
So, it snowed overnight on Monday so there was snow everywhere on Tuesday morning. Naturally Zahra's school closed because they're all wusses (no, I'm only joking) so they got the day off, but, as usual, my college didn't close (it never does, and I mean never). So, off I went to college, unaware of the fact that later that day, when I got the bus home, IT WOULD TAKE ME AN HOUR AND FIFTY MINUTES TO GET HOME. I am serious. That bus usually take me FIFTEEN MINUTES. You see, they let us off early at 3 (last lessons usually finish at 4) so I got the half 3 bus. But because everyone left early the traffic was awful and it basically became gridlocked and we moved NOWHERE SLOWLY. It was torturous. But I heard about someone on the radio who's journey took 8 hours instead of 1. You can get to Edinburgh in 8 hours on a normal day. That's INSANE. So, I suppose I got of lightly, but it certainly didn't feel like it.
At lunch, the snow started falling again and it was practically like a blizzard (blissard? No, blizzard) so two of my friends decided to buy ice lollies and go outside in the snow to eat them, naturally. This is normal behaviour with them. As you can see, I have a tendancy to make friends with completely sane people.

The view from our Geography classroom which we were in after lunch.

Along came Wednesday.
Wednesday was less bad. It didn't snow again and even though college was open, it didn't open until 10:30am and I finished at 1pm anyway so I only had to be in for a short while, and I only had art, which is always good. Busses were much better for me and I didn't have any trouble at all. But the snow did not go anywhere.

Then... Thursday! (Bet you didn't see that coming).
Thursday was much the same as Wednesday, apart from college openned (opened? No idea) normal time instead of later. Snow was still there. Looked like it might be melting but not very much.

And, finally, Friday.
It snowed again overnight and it's been snowing a bit through the day as well. So, it looks like we're stuck with this snow for a while.
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So, my mum (a teacher), my brother and I all have days off. My dad actually walked into work. I don't know how he does it.
Stay safe in the snow!
Rebecca Xx

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