Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rise of the Guardians

tl;dr: I don't care who you are, go see it. Now!

So, I have been promising a movie review post for a while. I knew that I was definitely going to do one on Rise of the Guardians (which I will henceforth shorten to RotG) but I was putting it off so I had an excuse to see it again - though I didn't end up going to see it again unfortunately due to time/cash issues *world's smallest violin begins to play*.

Anyway, RotG is the story of Jack Frost - candidate for the cutest cartoon character ever award - who is some sort of superpowered immortal yet invisible guy stuck in his teens. Isolated and alone, he spends his time playing small practical jokes on children. There's probably a better way I could have put that last sentence, but I can't be bothered to think of it (one of the LotR films - those things are breeding like damn rabbits aren't they? - have just come on the tv and I can already feel the weariness setting in).

Meanwhile, in the North Pole, Santa (a muscle-y, tattooed one with an interesting Russian accent) is alerted to the return of Pitch Black - the boogeyman to you and me - and calls together the Guardians: the Easter Bunny (the surly comic relief I guess you could say), the Tooth Fairy (the cute, mothering one) and Sandman (the silent badass). Though the Man In The Moon (?) has decided that someone should be added to their Avengers-esque team, hence the entry of the film's main protagonist Jack Frost, to the specific consternation of the Easter Bunny.

Let me get one thing straight. You should not be characterising this as "the Avengers for kids". It is not, as that suggests that only kids, and emotional women, will enjoy it. I, a 17-year old admittedly not all that interested in animated films, saw this with three 17/18 year old guys. We all thoroughly enjoyed this. It was a fantastic film with plenty to laugh at, cry at, and even some scenes I'd say were very dark for a Dreamworks film.

You really do start to empathise with everyone. Mostly Jack Frost, but the other characters after that evenly. Even Pitch, who at times I wished Jack would team up with (that would have been a very interesting twist wouldn't it? :P).

It also doesn't shy away from the violence (Go Sandman!). As in, REALLY doesn't. There are some full on action-y fight scenes, which really are refreshing for a so-called kids film. Yet despite this, the emotional aspects are still there. The fully realised relationships between the characters are fully realised - in far better and far more nuanced ways than in your average film aimed at teens/adults too - and it's beautiful to see on screen/

I need more of these, and am avidly wishing for a sequel. Which I suspect I will get. Especially as it is based off a book series that is still going, and which I should most probably check out at some point.

If you don't see any other film from 2012, see this.
See you next time,

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