Monday, 7 January 2013

First Day Back

Oh how wonderful it was... (Ahaha, sarcasm). So today I had my first day back at 6th form, and I suppose it was alright really but I had to get up 2 hours before I have been getting up recently and all we seem to be told at the minute is revise and do your homework and do extra stuff because homework is not enough and it's rather stressful. Teacher's don't seem to realise that we do, infact, have work to do for other subjects that also seem to require every waking moment to do homework for. Sorry if it appears I'm having a bit of a rant, I just needed to let of a little steam.

Now that I have let of a little steam, we can chat about happier subjects. Or rather, I can write and then you can  read it at some point in the future. I am very excited because on Thursday the 14th of February I will be going to Paris on an art trip with my college! Yay. (That's not a sarcastic yay, by the way. Just so you know, sometimes you can't tell when it's written down). We'll be returning on the 17th so it's only for a couple of days but it'll still be awesome. I got a new camera for Christmas so I'll be taking lots of pictures and I shall post a few on here for you all to see. I think it's the 4th time I'm going to Paris (I really am lucky, it's awesome that I've had the chance to go so many times) but it's always good to go more than once because you can see things you didn't the first time round. There is one thing that makes me think though, because the thing is, the 14th of February is Valentine's day so we will be in Paris for Valentine's day. I just really hope there aren't lots of couples being all... couple-y. I mean, I'm not saying people can't go to Paris with their significant other on Valentine's day, I'm just saying it gets a bit awkward when they're very... affectionate with each other in public.

Ah, poor little ol' me, being all single and awkward about other people's public displays of affection. Hopefully you are better than me at letting that sort of thing be and not being so weird about it. So, this post ended up not completely being about my first day back, but oh well. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.
Rebecca Xx

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