Thursday, 17 January 2013

Django Unchained

First things first: it's a Tarantino film. Don't let your children see it, don't see it if you're offended by racism or swearing, and definitely don't see it if you don't like gore. On the other hand, as a Tarantino film, it's hilarious.

Django Unchained is the story of a slave called Django, who funnily enough is unchained (by a travelling dentist who, when he can't buy Django, settles for shooting his captors) and freed. Django however, is married, and the travelling dentist is no longer a dentist at all. So Django and Dr. Schmidt go on a journey to rescue Django's wife. Django Unchained is however a very twisty-turny film, and I can't really say much more plot-wise without ruining it all.

But I will say that there are some fantastically crafted schemes.

The cast is full of people you'll undoubtedly recognise - with Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz starring - but it's not just because they can. The film is fantastically cast and trust me, the really rich (in terms of character, not just - in many cases - money) characters would not have been pulled off without the great acting we see here. Samuel L. Jackson's character for example? Woah...

Django Unchained is a quite deep look at slavery in a way, with much more emphasis given to the mentalities of the characters involved than your average slavery-themed film: from why the white people feel justified in their actions to why the white people think there weren't more revolts to the more real reasons why the slaves didn't rebel so much.

It's definitely worth a look at the very least, and looks like a very different film to many other anticipated films this year. (On which note...Les Mis in a fortnight ;) )

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