Saturday, 29 December 2012

Oh hey, I'm still alive...

I still owe you a review do I not? It's coming. I might do a few, as I've seen some interesting films recently...

See you next time,


A taste of the universe:
"It was sparkling, fizzy like freshly opened cola. It tasted of cotton candy dreams and bitter cocoa; of a cool, minty love and a saccharine desire. There was both undertones and highlights of chilli hate and strawberry kindness, co-existing with a dull, nutty war and a bright, peaceful orange. They were, indeed, flavours that had no right together at all; yet they blended into a complex and stunning mix. Still... flavours unrecognised blended seamlessly into it... 
The drink itself was easy and difficult to drink, a somewhat warm runny solution which flowed easily across the tongue and left you wanting more while gagging and pushing the glass away. Because that is the universe, and its whole delights and unsavory aftertastes should never - and can never - be tasted and appreciated by anyone."

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