Saturday, 24 November 2012

Trapped in Tape

I've not posted since the 7th! *Gasp*, this truly is horrific. Whatever shall I do? Post.

If you're following me on twitter - which you might be, I have no idea - then you might have noticed my little rambling on the cassette tape found in my CD player. So because talking about cassette tapes in detail over twitter would be impractical, I will talk here (I have a tumblr somewhere I keep meaning to use, but I never get around to it...)

So there I was, earlier this evening, minding my own business on facebook, when I'm told to look at the tape section of the CD player. I'd even forgotten that there was a tape section in it, but I digress. My initial reaction was: "what the hell is that?".

Because honestly. When was the last time you saw a cassette?

I, expecting it to be some sort of 80's music, was going to just look at it oddly for a bit and then walk off. But no! To my elation, what is it but an audiotape of The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? So after some examination, I rewinded it.

5 minutes later I understood why cassettes went out of fashion.

A 90 minute long cassette is around 250m long. That's a lot of tape to rewind, and does it take a long time? (Yes it does.) Getting bored I just played it and it died a long, drawn out and seemingly painful - not least to my ears - death, while the characters were speaking in drawn out tones like the "I am your father" scene from Star Wars slowed down one hell of a lot (I've never actually seen an entire Star Wars movie, but hey!) and I couldn't figure out if it was the poor tape or just that the characters speaking were Vogons - which I incorrectly named "Vorgins" on my twitter. Guess I just lost 17-year-old-nerdy-blogger-of-the-year award (actually I think I lost that a long time ago, but maybe I'd be nerdy enough for a consolation prize?).

That poor cassette tape. I'm sure I will have forgotten it by tomorrow, but for now I will cry about how that particular version - the 1998/9 version - is not available on YouTube.

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