Saturday, 6 October 2012

There's a big difference...

...Between what I should do and what I feel like doing. I should revise. I honestly should. I'd go so far as to say that right now I really want to revise, even. But I don't feel like doing that. Instead I'm going to talk about a guy who managed to get his head stuck in a bin.

Now, people don't usually tend to put their heads so far into bins that they get stuck. Why? Because bins are usually rancid and smell disgusting - which this bin also was. And it looks rather odd - again, which it did. Could you imagine walking down the street and seeing a person with their head in a bin, up to their neck? It would make for an interesting sight, if an odd one.

But this man is a legend. Why? Because he was looking for his hat. I'm not even sure how his hat ended up in there, but three cheers for him. As a society we waste stuff so much, and it's nice to see at least someone, with enough dignity to shrug it off and brave the bin to get their hat back instead of buying a new one. It might be a small thing but it's still commendable. So congratulations to Mr William "bucket heid" Middleton. I salute him.

And from all reports, the man was rather composed after spending twenty minutes in a bin before a team of firefighters could cut him free. I still don't know whether he got his hat back though.

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