Thursday, 4 October 2012

Politics (The American Kind)

(Warning: If I was an American of voting age I would vote Democrat. This entire post is about why I think Romney - based purely on the debates - is an idiot. And yes, even before the debates I was a fan of Obama for various reasons.)

As an insane seventeen year-old British girl, I got up at 2am this morning to watch the American presidential debates. There was, I promise, a reason for my madness: I'm currently studying American politics and felt it was better to view it live streamed than look up the so-called highlights tomorrow. I doubt many people in my class did so, but I've never particularly liked sleep. I see it as a pointless waste of time (shh: I know that as someone looking at a biology degree at uni I should know the benefits - and I do - but argh. Really? Was there no better way our bodies could do that stuff? But I digress) and this gave me an excuse not to sleep.

I think you'll find that general consensus outside of America tends to be that we'd like Obama to win and that we think Romney getting elected would be a major disaster. I agree with this. Why? Well for starters he can smile without making a room start to cry internally.

On a more serious note, Romney did quite a bit of lying during the debate tonight. One such lie being that he wasn't planning on cutting spending on education. Yup, yes he is. His budget, the Ryan budget, will slash Pell grants which will likely reduce opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds to attend college (Source). Romney is also trying to debate differences that aren't there. What was with the long debate on healthcare? Obama acknowledged where his healthcare plans came from (Romney), and ex-Romney advisor Jonathan Gruber also stated that Obama's and Romney's healthcare plans are exactly the same (Source), so what's with Romney's arguing? Surely a better plan would have been to point out that Obama has acknowledged it came from Romney and use that instead.

And can someone explain Romney's tax plan? Where are the specifics? He stated the same thing over and over which told people...nothing. Also, two words: Big Bird. PBS gets...wait for it...0.01% of the federal budget. Well isn't that a big potential for saving?

The impression I got from Obama was that he was bored with the entire thing, not that he was defeated or lost. And despite Romney's incessant smirking and posturing, I think it's rather obvious that there was a lot of fire Obama held back simply because he didn't need to use it.

In conclusion, Romney won the debates? Yeah right. And pigs will be talking and signing up for Romneycare next year.

See you next time,

PS: Oh, and yes, Obama lied too: "You've done a great job, Jim". I'd say that I'm not quite sure where this leaves us, but Romney lied more and about more important things, so hey.

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