Monday, 29 October 2012

Definitely Defiant

I know I know I lied about being back the day after my previous post. I was too busy replaying the Horses and Bayonets clip of the last Presidential debates fifty million times (only a slight exaggeration ;) ).

Today I thought I'd talk spelling - yay! - because I haven't done a proper write-y post in a while. But I don't want to talk about misspellings which drive me up the wall - because there are many, like the misuse of the word "distain" - I want to talk about a misspelling that actually makes me smile.

The word definitely. The number of times I have seen this spelt "defiantly" is amazing. The weird thing is that a lot of sentences still make some sort of sense with this misspelling in place. Plus defiantly is a word that isn't used often enough in it's own right, and I like it because it really adds spunk to character (well...sorta). It honestly does make me stop and imagine the character doing whatever they were doing in a defiant way - because I'm sad like that - and well, giggles ensue. This is perhaps part of the reason people look at me oddly when I'm editing someone's work on my phone...on the bus... and I come across this mistake (hey, I don't get paid to do it! Actually, I do, but not in conventional ways... that's a story for another time however). But still, imagining stuff like this is rather like imagining the "alot" (from Hyperbole and a Half) when people use that instead of "a lot", in a more positive way.

Upon re-reading I've realised just how many accidental innuendos there were in that post, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now...
See you next time,

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