Friday, 5 October 2012


I didn't plan to do any writing tonight, but I was listening to Shinedown while dancing around the kitchen and making cupcakes (no, honestly!) and it just had to happen. So I thought I'd write a little impromptu, unplanned snippet based on Her Name Is Alice by Shinedown:

Rating: *thinks...ouch*. That'd be a T me thinks. But as a warning, this isn't pretty.

Floating. That's what it felt like. Detachment from my problems, detachment from the world, detachment from having to think. It sent an electric bliss running through my veins, blocking out the pain even as I vaguely registered being pushed brutally back into the wall. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered but the pure, simple ecstasy.

I was looking down as the blonde boy assaulted the mouth of the brunette girl below me. Something...something was wrong about that. But I couldn't figure out what. He pushed her head into the wall and flicked his tongue against her lips.

Hang on... I couldn't see that last bit, so how did I know? It didn't matter. I focused my attention back on the mindless happiness, hearing a groan from the girl before I tuned out...

I bolted up, the frigid air assaulting my skin as I did. It hurt. I hurt. The faint, throbbing pain of bruises. I looked down, seeing the collage of colour across my chest and down my arms. What...?

The door opened, and he walked in. Those damn angelic features twisted into a smirk. His blue eyes I'd once loved glittered in triumph as he walked over to me. I shrank back. How dare he? How dare he come anywhere near to me after the last time?

"Hey, darlin'" he drawled. I inched back, a spear of adrenaline and fear slicing up my spine as I fell backwards off of the bed. As the splintering wood floor sent sharp stabs of agony through my already aching back I cried out, shocked into staying still and not moving. Though I needed to, now.

He scooted over on the bed, leaning over and grabbing one of my wrists in a vice-like grip. I tried to pull away as he pulled me back onto the bed before he ran his cold fingers across my skin, seeking each and every bruise. My hand flew out, slapping him across the face in desperation. His hand tightened around my wrist. "Now now, it's not my fault you keep hurting yourself."

I glared at him, shaking violently as tears started to trail down my cheeks. He just smiled, as if at a small child, and reached for the packet of pills behind him. He passed them to me wordlessly and I tore into them. I'd take the painkillers and get out. I wasn't prideful enough not to take them just because it was him who'd offered them. I threw the pills into my mouth and hastily swallowed them dry. The pain intensified and I cried out, kicking out and falling back down onto the bed as I blacked out. Again. Just as I remembered everything.

I curled up as the room seemed to float away, along with the pain. He got off of the bed and closed the door. I needed it open, I needed someone to come through and save me, I needed...

Floating. That's what it felt like...

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