Monday, 22 October 2012

And it was all going so well...

It's the 22nd!? Blimey. I haven't posted in days! Sorry about that...

I don't have a topic in mind for this post, it's all just free flowing out of my head right now. And after my weekend - I'm not entirely sure what I was doing but come Sunday morning there was a small bomb site in my kitchen and I completely collapsed that afternoon - my head is mush. Hmm... chemistry, maggots, news...

You know things are bad when a post on maggots looks appealing.

While a post on why my biology teacher may need to replace his keyboard soon may be interesting, if slightly embarrassing to write, it's probably not somewhere I should go. Plus I've decided that living vicariously through others is a bad thing, and while I was there I never touched those maggots - hell no, I'm far too wimpy.

Che- no, you'll likely get a post on that next week when I'm knee deep in the stuff.

News. The thing is, as bad as this is I haven't been watching it lately. So I would have nothing to write about unless I was to go so low as to droop to jokes on a certain dead person who people can't shut the hell up about - and forgive me for being insensitive, but the guy's dead and people should just let it be now. But yay! Last of those lovely debates tonight/tomorrow morning - American times don't tend to translate nicely to English times, thus I will still be up at 2am.

American politics is far more interesting, in my opinion, than British politics. It's far more fluid and likely to change, even if I tend to disagree with both major parties - though I disagree with the Democrats less, so if asked I'd vote for them if I was American and of age. Though on the other side the downsides tend to be larger. We technically have a three party system - of which I like none of the major parties - but there's a good chance of it being multi-party, so I'd argue that we get more of a choice in that respect here in rainy Britain. On another hand they get Primaries, which is a thing that would never happen here in Britain - which is a shame, though I'd be afraid it'd lead to the kind of massive two party politics system in America. The smaller parties arguably - and yes, it is arguably and not definite - get even less of a say in America than they do here. Which is a shame for small parties like the Greens - I lied earlier, I'd totally vote Green theoretically by the way - though...

You know, I could go on for ages about this. But I won't, because I actually have no interest in sending this blog any more political than my little musings. Have a good night people, and - if you're watching - enjoy the debate :)

I'll be back tomorrow (I think)

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