Monday, 7 May 2012


So, because the Textnovel contest started while I wasn't looking (pesky websites ;) ) I've joined a little late, but joined none-the-less. It was around the time I'd finished my second chapter that I was wondering about the most positive way to go about thinking of my progress.

I'm on just over 3600 words at the moment out of 50,000 which doesn't sound like much. Averaging around 1800 words a chapter means I've done chapter 2 of 28, which also doesn't sound like much. Then I turned to percentages. See, 3600/50000 is around 7.2%, which means if I worked at this rate every day I'd have it finished in around 13.9 days, which is just under two weeks. That is a nice statistic I'm thinking.

See ya next time,

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