Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So once I managed to pull myself out of my how-could-you-kill-him-off shock last night, I finished The Well of Ascension. But was left with (amongst others) this question: "What if Zane hadn't jumped?"

I apologise profusely to Brandon Sanderson for the great discredit I am about to bestow upon him, but I think it's fanfic time again. And apologies to readers, but my phone doesn't fancy playing ball with the italics button, so I've had to place thoughts in speech marks. I hate formatting it this way, but I can't do it another way...

(I own none of these characters, nor the Mistborn trilogy and this is a not-for-profit bit of personal writing.)

Vin let him draw her towards the edge of the rooftop, closer to the mists. She reached up and pulled out a metal vial, staring out into the darkness. Zane smiled a little - surely her movement was a sign that she was at least considering it? "Maybe she's finally realising where she belongs, and that it isn't with Elend," Zane thought. He tugged on her wrist and she allowed him to pull her closer, close enough for him to lift Vin's hand to his mouth and brush and light kiss across her fingers.

"Save me," he whispered, looking down into her eyes, "and I'll save you. You can be more than their knife Vin, you can be yourself with me." Vin hesitated, "I'm more to Elend than a knife, he loves me..."

She looked away. The look on Elend's face when he watched her kill that Thug said differently. He had known what she did, he'd known that she did it to protect him and still he pulled away. "I will always be competing with the entirety of Luthadel for his attention. Attention Luthadel deserves more than I do", Vin told herself.

She glanced up at Zane. It wouldn't be so different. They looked similar, Zane perhaps had the leaner, more muscled build of the two brothers, and he could understand her. Both of them Mistborn, both halfbreeds who had grown up shunned. For all of Elend's idealism, he would never understand.

But Elend would understand this even if he was hurt to begin with. It was what all of this had been leading to anyway. She looked up at Zane and turned on her pewter as she voiced the decision she had - if she was being honest - made long ago. It was better for everyone. "I'll leave with you."

Perhaps she could do Elend one last favour and kill Straff on the way out.

Shorter than I wanted, but I dislike my phone's keyboard and in any case, I probably shouldn't mutilate any more of Brandon Sanderson's work...

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