Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April Showers...

...*melodramatic statement*.

The more people you know, the more alone you are. Well I guess there's a melodramatic statement, true as it may be. And true it sometimes is. The more people you know the more it hurts when you can't find someone to talk to, even though you know there are plenty of people who'll listen. Sometimes it's about understanding - how can you truly spill everything to anyone when everyone is different?

So I find a solace of kinds in books. But books can betray too, after all every writer is only human.

Recently I've been reading a little Brandon Sanderson - who is an...epic author - and am currently reading The Well of Ascension. Well... I was, but I can't continue right now. Credits to Brandon Sanderson for creating one of the (actually, screw "one of", the. Full stop) most engaging characters ever, but why did you have to kill him off? I am of course, talking about Zane.

His death makes me want to write more angsty poetry. At least GAME found a buyer I guess...

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