Sunday, 4 March 2012

Just Add Crazy

This is another old post that I've only now decided to actually post :)


Authors. I've always wondered what they thought of parodies, fanfictions and the like. Now, I'm not an author, but I can tell you one thing. Bring it on.

I've been looking for reviews of my stuff for a while, and while friends are not the people to ask - are they really going to ever tell you that you suck? - I did it anyway. With hilarious results.

I handed a copy of the Soc prologue and half of chapter 1 to a friend of mine (actually, several *oops*). He then proceeded to tell the funniest story I had ever heard; it quite literally had the entire table in hysterics (though I don't count -I was on energy drinks at the time). Was it my story? Urm... Yes and no. It was my story, plus lots of sheep, gender bending and innuendos (the gender bending was perhaps my fault because at no point do I point out that Coye is male...oops). I have since promised to...oh dear...add sheep, a sheepdog, and some seagulls to the story. I plan on doing this, while keeping the book sane.

Somehow I think I might just end up writing two versions.

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