Saturday, 24 March 2012

I'm dreaming of a Gamestop

Another gaming-related post.

The GAME group, owner of GAME and Gamestation and thus the company which had the majority share in gaming in England, has gone into administration. What a sad day for us all.

Now all we have left is HMV (which isn't doing too well itself) and CeX (which only deals in used games). Soon there won't be any games shops left on British highstreets and that thought makes me incredibly unhappy. As in unhappy enough for angsty teenage poetry:

Wallowing in my tears,
Realisation of my fears.
GAME has gone bust,
So crying is a must.

Okay, now I'm just shivering in disgust. (I really dislike poetry, especially bad poetry.)

Anyway, I am now crossing my fingers and hoping for a games company to step in and buy it up. GameStop would be ideal. Please? Just think about all that profit from all those desperate Britons (and don't think about the debt GAME would be saddling you with.)

And even if it's not economically viable, what about all those people who will soon be out of work? Can you really sit back and...oh you're a large company, of course you don't mind stepping on people.

*Realises that the last comment probably was a bad idea and shrugs*. Oh well.

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