Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dying Breaths?

Not a chance. (A gaming rant.)

One of my favourite sites used to be The Escapist. It kept me up-to-date with most anything I could want to know about gaming and there's the odd science article or film review to switch it up too. But lately... I can't help but think it's getting a little biased.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, possibly the most hyped game of last year. Was it a good game? Certainly. But there were lots of good games last year. Uncharted 3, where was the hype? Assassin's Creed: Revelations, where was the hype? Hell, even the new installment of Modern Warfare paled on the hype front compared to Skyrim. Noting that this is just the games from the end of the 2011 - the HOLIDAY season when everything usually gets hyped to the bollocks. I'm left feeling like Skyrim stole large chunks of everyone else's slices of hype-cake and really, the hype for the aforementioned four games was not proportional to their overall qualities.

The Escapist, like every other games critic out there, acted like the sun shone out of Skyrim's beautifully designed buggy interface. Naturally.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is another game that was ridiculously hyped. I'm sceptical as to how good it is, and at £44 for the game and a month's sub I won't be playing it any time soon, but does anyone remember...World of Warcraft? I quit WoW a good while back, but it's an excellent game to be honest and anyone who says otherwise is either embittered by how much of their life it stole or hasn't played it at all.

I remember when WoW was the figurehead of MMOs and quite frankly, IT STILL IS. But to hear people talk you'd think the game was dead. It's still got eight million subscribers, which means it's taken a large hit but it's still going and it will probably spring up again in the future. And now everyone's whining about their Scroll of Resurrection offer. An offer that hasn't been seen since not long after it was originally put up and may well have been a mistake.

Even if it wasn't I see no problem. It gives people who have ALREADY PLAYED it a chance to come back with 1 (ONE, UN, EIN as far as I'm aware) character at a level that most likely they'd already gotten to. Your issue is? Hell, if I had the time, money and inclination I'd almost be tempted.

Perhaps people should stop looking at which companies are paying them to advertise and actually do their job - REPORTING.

See ya next time,

P.S. I'm thinking that now The Escapist is good for just three things - Escape to the Movies, Zero Punctuation and Jimquisition.

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