Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why I will hate Sebastian Verlac*

Part two of the "Why I _(blank)_ Sebastian Verlac" trilogy.

Yes. You read that right. After spending an entire post telling you all why we love the bad guy, I'm going to contradict myself - I do that a lot, just roll with it. We're moving to another medium though, "but what medium?" I hear you ask.

Film. Ahahah. Wait right there and hold your horses, this isn't a post about film ruining literature. This is a post about role-reversal.

The film of the Mortal Instruments is coming out...at some point, when everyone's finished arguing over the script, and scruples about casting aside - I LOATHE Jamie Campbell Bower - it might be a good film. But I will hate Sebastian Verlac.

Look again at Draco - oh why oh why did I not use Draco Malfoy instead of Sebastian Verlac? - He was loved in the books yes? But in the films... he came across as the petty idiot he was supposed to be. Because films have a way of doing that. Why? Books don't bias. Not really. Not even the 1st person ones. Because any well-thought out hero-protagonist will always spare a thought for the antagonist - and perhaps even pity them - if said antagonist is also well-thought out and not too one-winged angel. Films on the other hand have around 90 minutes to cram everything into. They can't go so deeply into the hero's thoughts so you don't get the chance to l9ve the villain.

So while right now I can love Sebastian Verlac, the films will make him regrettably more cold and evil then he is at the moment. More one-winged angel. What a shame...*sigh*. Well... it gets the actual point across I guess.

Part three coming when I feel like it.

See y'all then!

P.S Heh, "Draco Malfoy"'s name gets changed to "Crack Jaxith" by my spell-check. I may now refer to him as such XD

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