Monday, 30 January 2012

Sociology Prologue

Whee. Here's this week's story "chapter". Pre-chapter. Whatever. I can't guarantee that next week's will be on a Monday too, but hey, it will be up at some point.

You might've noticed this around elsewhere (though probably not). That's because this way up on my gaia account *thinks* almost a week ago and on my deviantArt last night. Why? Well I generally prefer gaia for stories and I was testing deviantArt (I dislike dA). Still, I digress, here's the prologue. Rated T for teens :)


Sociology: n. The study of human behaviour...

The first thing that hit me was the odour. Salt, iron and sewage. The second? There was a dense weight in my hand and I was crouched on the ground which was wet with...something. The third thing I noticed was the body.

I had no idea where I was, the dull orange flickers from the barely working streetlamp above throwing light only onto the walls of the alley and onto...the body beside me. You'd think that was the worst thing wouldn't you? I was beside a body and I had no idea where I was to report a murder. But it wasn't. I knew her, the girl beside me; she was my best friend. Not even that was the worst thing. The worst thing is that I think I killed her.

I say "think" and that's entirely true. I had no idea. The last thing I remembered was lying in bed, going to sleep. Perhaps I was kidnapped and just woke up, that would be the nicest scenario if still a horrific one, but why in that case was there a knife in my hand?

I had to turn myself in. I didn't know why I'd killed her I just knew I had. It would be justice for her, of a kind. Yes, it was the best solution. But I didn't want to go to jail for a crime I didn't remember committing. I had too much to do first. It was callous, but I'd never claimed to be nice.

I leant over and closed her eyes, planting a chaste kiss on her forehead before pulling away and slinking away into the shadows. Because if there was anything I was good at, it was disappearing.


Edit: a mistake or two. It's quite scary that I only just noticed them...

It's a li'l fragmented, yes, but I'm working on that. *Sigh* I just want more time.

The name of Coye's friend here is "Sierra". It used to be Ciara, until I realised that you pronounce it the same way as my real name and that my spell-check annoyingly changes it to "Vista". Hence, "Sierra". She turns up in my other story too. But wait, hasn't she just died? Well yes ;)

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