Monday, 23 January 2012

Late New Year's Resolution

You might've noticed that I've not done much on Soc recently. So here's my resolution: every week, starting next week, I will post something from either Soc or my other story, Divides (which I seemingly abandoned a while ago). Help me keep this resolution and bug me if I haven't posted please?

A short synopsis of both...
Sociology: Coye, a lost eighteen year-old in Chicago, finds himself working for a famed yet shadowy and reclusive scientist in the field of genetic engineering. When it arises that the scientist was responsible for the mutations which had shown up in a few of Coye's generation, Coye finds himself cornered between what is easy, what he wants, and what is right.

Divides: Ten years ago he watched them leave. Ten years ago he found himself alone, with the responsibility to look after hundreds thrust upon his shoulders. Tristan coped, but when his mother is murdered he takes it upon himself to look after his sister, a sister that doesn't even remember him. What he doesn't know is that she's the catalyst many outside forces have been waiting for to fuel their war...

Cliche, right? Urgh, I suck at summaries. Coye has superpowers, Tristan's a faerie. Do their stories intertwine? Of course.

Another thing: Yes, both these protagonists are male. What can I say? I'm weird; I'm a girl who finds it easier to write guys.

I think that's it for now...
See y'all next time,

P.S. I'm staring at "Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies", good idea or not?

P.P.S. I'm trying to find a nice easy way to get music on here. It's not happening...this might work though.

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