Sunday, 4 March 2012

Impromptu Writing Forever

I said I'd get some of my un-posted blog posts up didn't I? Well here's one. You can read this as laziness if you'd like. I've got two shorts that I recently did for mini contests that I'll post as soon as I get the go-ahead too :)


I leant back, my back pressing against the hard plastic of the chair. I was steadily tapping out a rhythm without a tune on the table with my pencil as I stared ahead at the board, squeaky white-board pen being dragged across it. Halogenation was a fascinating subject, I was sure, but keeping my mind on it was becoming more and more difficult.

"What're the chances that this stage'll be called "termination"?" my friend asked from beside me. I snorted. Scientists were amazing, but creative they were not. The last two stages had been called "initiation" and "propagation", it was like someone had thought up really obvious terms and thrown a thesaurus at them.

"Quite high," I replied. "It's nice to know that the naming committee from Crackdown 2 are still finding work." Ah. Quotes from Zero Punctuation. Yeah? So what? I'm a gamer, do you have a problem with that? Thought not.

The teacher at the front went on to announce that yes, as we'd thought, the final stage was termination - not that she said it like that - and I deflated, bored. Withdrawing into my own thoughts as usual.


This is why I only write fantasy. Anything other than fantasy turns out like this or unsettling...odd. Plus it'd be more like my life story - the passage above actually happened, but not the Crackdown 2 comment (though I did think it at the time). There was also a rather loud crash after that followed with a lot of yelling...

...oh well, back to the faeries and superpowers for me, I guess.


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