Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fanfictions + drinking games = bad idea...

So it's 2am here and I feel really sick. There's dance music playing loudly in the background and crap all over the floor and tables. And I'm playing a drinking game. The conclusion you just came to is that I'm having a house party while my rents are out right? Sadly not. The music happens to be playing on my PS3 randomly, the crap is two days of snacks, films and revision and I'm not even I'm not even using alcohol for my drinking game (good thing too, else I'd be dead by now).

On what is seemingly a completely different topic, I loathe fanfics. Why? They are often written by people who apparently have a fear of spelling and grammar. Like the one I'm reading at the moment - or trying to, while subbing alcohol for orange juice in the drinking game I found for it. What am I reading right now? My Immortal. It's supposed to be a Harry Potter fanfic, but except a character called Draco and a reference to Hogsmead I'm not seeing it.

The rules of the game are here:
The fanfic itself is here:

Have fun! Though just as a warning, I'm just using sips of orange juice and I got through a good half a litre in the first (or second if you could the first chapter explanation as an actual chapter) so if you ARE using alcohol you will be dead by the end of it.

Heh. Chapter three author's note excerpt:
"STOP FLAMMING DA STORY PREPZ OK! odderwise fangz 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!"

Honestly. I am not joking. (The rest of the "story"'s spelling and grammar is "fixed" by her friend Raven...until chapter 16 when they fall out or something. Yay, fun times ahoy!)

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