Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm bored, have another extract...

This is from near(ish) the end of Soc.

"Why did you do it?" I asked, barely managing to force the words past my lips. Damn him, damn her, damn them all. I choked again, still feeling the pressure on my throat from where she'd...

"Were you looking for the short version or the long one?" Larker asked, I opened my mouth when he shrugged and, apparently having made up his mind without me, went back to talking. "The short one - you don't have time for the long one. Money, power, because I could..." he looked at me. My lungs were burning now, liquid fire crawling as I tried to take deep breaths. I didn't have long? So he'd meant for her to kill me. Charming.

"What about..." I stopped and fell down onto the floor as agony flooded my senses. Good job it wasn't exactly a long fall. I raised my head, meeting Larker's sadistic smile with my own last stand of defiance. I wasn't going to fall down and die, damnit. Except I would. I took one last gasp of air and tried to fit what I wanted to say into as few words as possible. "...Jack and the others?" What had I wanted to say? Me? You? Us? Maybe I was worried about the world after this all came to light, and it would in the end. It didn't matter. I only had two loyalties left now, and the greater good wasn't one of them.

"Jack? Well, since you don't care about him..." Larker stepped away and turned to leave. "I guess I'll do to him what I did to you, but I can assure you it'll take much longer."

The pain was temporarily drowned out by a surge of fury, red hot like the pain but much more welcome. "You bastard," I snarled from where I lay, collapsed. He turned back, amused.

"Coye. Are you intentionally being idiotic? Heal yourself!" Alex yelled at me from the back of my head. I growled, of all the people...

"If I could heal myself don't you think I would've?" I asked. Larker could hear and he knew who I was talking to, but I didn't care and neither did he. We both knew that nothing could save me now. I shivered as something that felt like ice ran down my spine. I was freezing...why was I freezing?

"Don't think and don't worry, you're going to be fine. Just do what you need to," Alex said. I knew the undertone that ran through those words. He wanted me, I couldn't.

"Well as nice as it was to know you, Coye, I'm not entirely unhappy to say goodbye. You're a traitor and a coward, and that's all you would ever have been," Larker said, walking away. I grit my teeth, his words giving me to push I needed. He was wrong. I was neither, not where it counted, and he was an idiot for leaving me alone with a loaded gun.

"Do it, Coye
." That was a command, a command I had to follow...

I raised it and fired.

- - -

Blah. Right, now I can sleep. See y'all tomorrow.

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