Monday, 12 December 2011

If summer is light and frivolity, I don't want to know what winter is

Yawn. Yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn. I'm sorry, I'm being really lazy aren't I? I blame the season (never myself of course ;)). I simultaneously love and hate winter. Winter is beautiful, yet cold. Winter's all...spice, but you've got to cope with the darkness too. I love being able to walk to and from school (four miles each way) without dying of heatstroke, however it's just that much harder to get up in time to do so. I'm wide awake in the evenings and tired all day, energy drinks or no, which makes getting stuff done a pain in the backside.

So what was I saying? Hang on, is that snow I see...? No. I guess not *sigh*.

Okay okay, writing. I'm well aware that it's the 12th right now, and I haven't started on this month's 5k (nor did I finish last month's *oops*) but I'm sorting that, as soon as my touchpad makes up with TN again. While on the topic of TN, I thought I'd share a li'l digging I've been doing into the subject. Y'see, when I first signed up to it, I was unhappy that there was no form of copyright (like FP used to have), but I figured that I'd be covered by the Berne Convention, right? If I'd signed up in 2008, I wouldn't have been.

Back in 2008, when TN was in the beta stages over in some country I hear is to the north-west, which is called America, the T&Cs stated that anything you put up became the property of Textnovel. Yup, they could take anything you put up and wouldn't have to give you credit nor cash for it. Luckily, the very nice people over at TN quickly realised that this wasn't a good idea and changed it, but it still goes to show that reading the T&Cs pays off.

Textnovel aren't the only ones. GameStation added a joke-clause to their terms and conditions for April Fools last year... Let's just say they now own the souls of 7500 people. The bummer? GameStation also said in that clause that if you spotted the clause and opted out then they'd give you a £5 voucher. Ouch. I'd hate to be those people.

Stuff like this probably happens all the time and it's worth a look. Just do yourself a favour and at least skim those T&Cs the next time you sign up for something.

*Shakes head*. More Soc should be up tomorrow night, probably non-canon because I fancy doing it that way (is non-canon even a proper writing term? It is now, it means "not in order"), I'm happy to announce that my Christmas holiday starts this Saturday and that exits to the plane are here *points*, here *points* and here *points*. Have a good night and I hope the plane doesn't....



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