Thursday, 29 December 2011

Finding a place to settle...

Late Merry Christmas all (or "Happy Holidays" if you're so inclined). Sorry for the posting lapse, but anything I would've posted would have been quite tediously entitled "Why did we order such a big turkey!?" or "Why my family finds it hilarious when my grandmother uses a certain derogatory word", both of which I'm sure you'd rather not read.

Onto business! Something's been bugging me about Soc, and after a month (ish) I've realised why. Setting. Or rather LACK of setting. Sick of imaginary places, I thought I'd look for a real place. Somewhere well-known but not TOO overused in books. After a while, I settled on Chicago. It's well known, well populated and it suits my needs. Or does it?

Coye - and most of the other characters too - is eighteen. Why? It's the minimum legal drink age in the UK (ish, I don't care about the private-licence subtleties and such). But not in the USA. You've got to be 21 in the USA to even drink at home and part of Coye's character requires him to drink while I'm loathe to make him any older. So I guess Chicago's out. Where to next?

Well here's a bunch of places I can't set it in:
Europe - Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden.
Agh no! Perhaps not. Outside Europe there's as many countries I can set it in as ones I can't...Let me think...

London? Perhaps. Paris? Probably not, though it might work...Anywhere in China? Definitely not. I'm not exactly a know-it-all about China and I'd probably butcher something. Sydney? Eh. Brussels? Madrid? Milan?... Moscow? *Cries* I don't know. I guess I have to do some more research. I'll tell you when I know.

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