Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Your watch is on your wrist.

Heys! So, I was asked to do something non-tn or writing related so I'm packing both into one (this can never end well). TN still hasn't started, but I'm enclosing a few links below of people who I'm watching so far. The second thing I'm doing is an In Time review (in short, it's amazing and you need to see it).

Links, links, links:
(Ah, oops, I can't actually do this one my phone, but it's coming I swear)

In Time:

Now watch me squeal like the teenager I am. Just look at the cast list. Like any girl who is as shamelessly shallow as I am (that didn't make sense did it?) the cast was the first thing I actually noticed (yes, even before the description). Justin Timberlake showed us in The Social Network that he's a far better actor than he ever was a singer, Amanda Seyfried took this film to prove that she can actually act and Alex Pettyfer... Well, I'm an AP fangirl, so I'm ridiculously biased.

The plot was fresh, original and realistic and In Time had some of the best (though not THE best) writing I have ever seen in a film. The portrayals of life in each district seemed pretty much how I'd imagine it, even if I have some bugbears with the difference (or lack of) in manners between districts. Which leads me to the first problem (as nitpicky as it is). I know they were trying to put across (or was that "hammer in") the difference in pacing between districts, but they caught him because he was RUNNING? What happened to exercise? What about the fact that he ate everything with his FINGERS?

The villains were just that - villains. Pure and simple right? But were they really villains? This isn't a flaw, I genuinely believe that the writers were going for this, but the "villains" simply seemed to have a different ideology. Take Fortis (aww), he was a guy from the slums who fought people to live longer. Was what he was doing bad? Of course, but what would you do to live? You could argue the same for every villain. For some to live, others must die. But the film was asking "who are we to decide?"

All in all, a great film. Note that I never mentioned the ending. Without spoiling anything, all I can say is that it disappointed me. Hmm... Let's give In Time a... 9/10.

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