Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Well that was smart

It's 1.20am here in England on November 1st. This means one thing... Actually it means more than one, but only one thing seems to matter to me right now (for better or worse). Textnovel's started!

Or has it? It's an American based contest so I'm guessing it hasn't really. In fact, as I type this it's 6.23pm in Phoenix, which is the earliest American time-zone I can find. Yes, I'm typing slowly, but I can't help it if I'm on my phone can I? Therefore there's still a good five and a half hours until I can start.

Yes, I should be asleep right now, but Textnovel seems to be having a Christmas-like effect and I just can't sleep... How very odd. Just like the auto-correct on my phone.

11:48am : Argh. People keep distracting me and Textnovel is refusing to play ball right now. Meanwhile, one of my friends has set me a challenge: Can I get to fifty thousand words before she gets to one hundred thousand? (No is the answer, she writes really quickly!)

Also, two of my other friends are plotting to hack my textnovel to add in fairies and aliens. Fun times. Oh wait, I have been corrected: "gay fairies, aliens and the Terminator". I'm not sure why the sexual orientation of the fairies matters. Kids and immaturity these days. Honestly.

5:55pm : Very funny, Christopher. Now give me back my textnovel.

6.05pm : Ah, sorry Topher. I assumed it was you. All's okay now though, I've changed everything back and changed the p/w.

9:30pm : Oh! There IS a word processor on my touchpad other than the infinitely dodgy "Typewriter Beta". Yay, now I can actually get something done!

Long story short, my textnovel ISN'T up yet. It should be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

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