Monday, 28 November 2011

See-through saws, capsaicin chaos and added alliterative appeal...

...spells "sca". Which isn't a word. Ignore me and my quiet fits of madness.

As you can guess, obviously I neither was killed nor died of fright (though I could be a zombie, you'd never know) and I'm back *waves enthusiastically*. The title has nothing to do with this post. What-so-ever. In fact, I'm not sure I even have a topic decided right now (though this won't be a post about broken saws, Black-Friday-meets-pepper-spray madness or alliteration) and I may just ramble for a bit.

Ah. Rambling over. Sorry, (or, as I sometimes say it "sawwee") TWN has been put back again. I'm in a finicky mood that requires a certain scene from Soc, I seem to have forgotten where I'm up to in TWN anyway (looking now) and in any case my phone has decided to mess up the order of my pictures (yes, that last comment is related - when I couldn't save the original TWN I took pictures).

On the bright side, at least Soc will get an update...p'haps tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning (or late tonight if you're...east of the UK). Not that it has many views. I shall strive on for my own benefit anyway because I am being selfish :P

As they say in France, "Quelle est la date?" (Did I just murder the French language? Oh dear...) C'est le 28 Novembre. Which is a Monday... Right. Update for Soc and TWN tomorrow (probably) and my review of... Wait, what? Jayne, what on earth have you done to my calendar and why is Breaking Dawn on it for Wednesday? My mum's taking me to see it? Great. Hang on, Friday too with someone else? Well I hope it turns out to be a good two-hours of mindless drivel (not an insult - I only watch mindless drivel and action-packed-but-thought-provoking films at the cinema...that's got to say something about me). So, Breaking Dawn review on Wednesday, Thursday I'll be asleep and Friday I'll be watching Breaking Dawn again.

Just thought I'd give you my blogging schedule so you know when to peek back. See y'all tomorrow - if you're interested in my writing that is...

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