Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm still here. Mayhaps. (Extremely off-topic. You'll also probably find it boring because it's about my life. Miss this one?)

Ack. 11 days since my last post. I promise you that I'm still alive (or perhaps not, I'm more resembling a zombie right now) and well (if ill and incredibly tired). I should probably say something...

A description of my absence! (Oh yes, as entirely boring as it sounds, for the most part)

Thursday 10th: Spent frothing at the mouth in between lessons. I'm a girl gamer. If you're surprised - the guy who sits next to me in Biology couldn't compute the idea - please don't be. They exist. They are actually quite common - though are rarely the people who dance on mailboxes in MMOs... though I may have done that before. In other news I picked up Uncharted 3 for my dad (go Team PS3 ;) ) and showed a friend of mine - JustAGirlHere down in the contributors box - around my sixth form, which was very fun. And bad for my stomach - I ate too much (om antipasti...)

Friday 11th: More frothing at the mouth. Even more when Ed produced a copy of Skyrim which he'd grabbed while skipping form. And lots of happy dancing. Especially when I picked up my own copy. Shame I didn't really get to play it. Packed bag. Watched my dad play U3.

Saturday 12th: Met JustAGirlHere in the city after picking up too many library books. We sur fed the net, did the dishwasher, made dinner and played CoD and Skyrim. I really suck at CoD. We fell asleep at around 3am. No, I haven't told you everything, but we'd be here for hours if I did. It was an awesome night,

Sunday 13th: Went to a youth group thing with JustAGirlHere after getting up at...half nine I think? No, ten. That was fun too. Awesome people, fun activities and food. I'm in.

Monday-Friday: Can't really remember tbh. Had some mock exams, got a B in one, the other I don't have back. Politics teacher's wife had a baby, so he's sort of on Paternity leave and we're missing lots of lessons. Played Skyrim.

Saturday-Sunday: Rents out, house fulla food and me being quite sick. Played Skyrim all weekend before vowing to stop (or at least play LESS).

And here we are at Monday. Did some Christmas shopping, garbled energy drinks and played cards. Day? For the win. Oh yeah, I had some lessons too...maths was a doss, chemistry was awesome.

Right, will be back on topic...tomorrow night perhaps. See you then?

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