Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hang on, what's going on?

Huh, so after all the problems I had on November 1st, it turns out that this year's textnovel hasn't started yet. How...annoying. Worse is that there is NO DATE UP for when it will start. I was loathe to start before the contest does, but I'm an impatient person and I just have to.

So what I'm saying is, have a brief, rushed and un-edited prologue. This is by no means finished as I plan on changing it - keeping the essence of it - but I wanted to reassure everyone that I am actually doing something (in between maths detention and falling asleep in class). I feel like I should offer an explanation, but of what I'm not sure. If you have any questions, either leave me a comment or come and find me (depending on how close you are, geographically, and whether I actually know you or not). Well, here goes (it's small in the hope that you don't read it, it's there... symbolically):

"Don't walk away from me, Coye!" he yelled. I kept walking. I owed him nothing, and quite frankly I was sick of his shit. "What about Jack?"

I stopped and turned. "What about him? I'm sick of saving him all the time. I want to be remembered for me, not for him. I'm done. Do what you like." It was a lie. Maybe if I pretended I didn't care then Larker would leave my brother alone. It was a risk, but I had nothing to lose. I was an eighteen-year old sixth form dropout trying to hide an invisibility power...and more, thanks to Larker's damn experiments. I had no prospects and the only thing I was any good at was murder - and even my conscience was there to mess that up.

I pushed open the door that led onto the roof and stepped out onto the roof. The night was quiet, dark and utterly beautiful. Behind me Larker sighed and backed off as I stared upwards to the diamond-encrusted sky. Times like this could be hard and they could be dark, but only in darkness can you see the stars.

Sucks doesn't it? It'll be tidied up, I swear, but that's it for now (I lie, I have quite a bit of chapter 1). I probably won't be posting tomorrow, so have a happy bonfi... hang on, Guy Fawkes night isn't tomorrow. The 5th is on Saturday right? Ah, well if I don't post before then, thanks for reading and have a happy bonfire night!

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