Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gambling with time

I wouldn't call myself a gambler; when I play poker it's not for cash, if I don't think that something I want to say will go down well it's either in debate or I don't say it lest I land myself in something messy, you get the point. But gambling has always held some bizarre sense of fascination for me. Especially when people try to rationalize it.

I'll let you into a secret: I used to like maths. Before A-level came and zapped it with a ray of boring and confusing, I loved how you could used maths to explain stuff. Well, my wish for it to return to how it was came true. After 45 minutes of insultingly easy statistics, I, that's not right (okay, yes, I did hurl AGAIN, but that's not the point). What I meant to say is that we moved into what was quite frankly a diamond in a pile of crap. The Monty Hall theory.

I'm not going to explain it, but basically statistics have proved that when given the choice of a random box you chose at the start of a gameshow or the Host's final, suspiciously closed box, you better switch. Pronto.

But wait, this isn't what I came to say! I came to apologize and say that part two of my Water Nix short isn't going to be here by Sunday as I'm in Great Yarmouth and while I'll type my blog on my phone, story writing on a phone isn't ideal - and my touchpad would've had no internet to post it up on.

*Sigh*. I'd offer you all cookies, but shipping is costly outside of the UK and they'd be stale by the time they got to the USA or Russia or wherever you are. Would you accept an IOU? (I am incompetent at baking cookies anyway, I'm a brownie girl ;) )

See y'all Monday if I haven't:
a) Been killed by my Politics teacher for not doing my presentation on Nick Clegg or
b) Died of stage-fright from presenting it.

Hey! That's a gamble... I guess I am a gambler. At least, there IS evidence that gamers have the same thought process as obsessive gamblers, so...happy times.

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