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AGT part 2 (huh, and part 3 as well...)

Sorry this is late, I'll put up a link to the first part later (read: probably not today) though for now it's just part two...

On with the show I guess.

(Part two)

Weeks passed, Iseult kept us fed and made sure we were comfortable while I settled into a comfortable and easy rhythm of spinning, eating and sleeping. Gasparo did not. He'd spent hours in the water trying to teach himself to swim so he could escape but was currently swinging the still-blunt axe as the walls and shouting.

"I hate it here, I hate her and I hate you!" he yelled at me. I ignored him, trying not to let it show how much he was hurting me. "I want to leave, I want someone to find us! I want one of the messages I've been sending to get to the shore!" This one caught my attention and I looked up.

"Messages?" I asked sharply.

"Yeah, the messages in the bottles. I've been using those bottles she keeps collecting and writing on the paper that Iseult gave you and you'd thought you'd hidden well," Gasparo said. I hit my fist on the table and Gasparo jumped, shocked.

"Gasparo, if they find us they'll kill her. Do you really want to be responsible for her death?" I asked. Gasparo shrugged.

There was a noise behind me and I saw Iseult, who had still been away during our conversation...or so I'd thought. Even Gasparo managed to look guilty. Iseult's sad smile told me that she heard everything. "Gasparo, if you so desperately wanted to leave, why didn't you just ask? I'm not human, my world-view is different and I don't always understand why you do what you do. I never wanted to make you unhappy , I just wanted someone to talk to." Gasparo looked down at the floor and opened his mouth to speak when noises started to come from down below. Iseult collapsed in terror. "Humans."

Gasparo grabbed my arm and started pulling me away. I pushed him off and he looked at me pleadingly. "Iseult, pretend you haven't seen us before. We're going to hide," he said, pulling me away again.

"But I can't lie..." Iseult protested. Gasparo let go of my arm and walked back over to her. He knelt down in front her slumped form.

"You've seen me be mean and Lorenza be quiet and un-opinionated. That isn't us at all, so in fact you haven't really seen us." Gasparo ran back over to me and pulled me into a small nook behind one of the walls that I hadn't seen before. "We can stay here until they go."

My hand found Gasparo's and I squeezed it gently. "I thought you hated her," I said. He shook his head.

"I lied. And anyway, if we go back they'll make you marry Renato Naevius or, as he's known, 'Reborn Mole'. Do you really think I want my sister to gain the last name 'Mole'? " Gasparo said, sticking his tongue out at me. I pulled a face.

"Why did you lie?" I asked. Gasparo looked away.

"There's another reason I don't want to leave," he said suddenly. "If we leave then not only will you get married, but they'll probably find someone equally despicable for me next year."

"What if they're pretty, smart and quiet? Isn't that supposed to be what men like these days?" I asked.

"Boring. I've already met someone who outclasses them in every way," he said. I blinked in surprise. Who?

"Lorenza, Gasparo, if you're here then don't be afraid to come out," someone called. Pappa. I froze. How was I supposed to just leave my father? "Renato is with me too, he's very anxious to see you." That made it easier. As did the flood of memories I tried to suppress...

"But pappa, I don't love Renato," I had said, begging my father to call of the wedding. He'd just scoffed.

"Love? This isn't about love. What would you know about love anyway? You will learn to love him, and if you cannot then that is your problem.

"I won't marry him, padre. I refuse." He slapped me and walked away, calling back.

"If you do not marry him, then you are not my daughter."

...I looked up at Gasparo, who was looking at me in concern. He hadn't moved to leave either. "Are you okay?" he mouthed. I nodded.

"They are not here, Vittore. Let's leave this dump." Renato. Oh how I hated him. "And no offence to your parenting sir, but she was a bit too...mouthy in any case."

"I agree Renato; she was always a bit of a handful. Yet you act as if we will not find them," my father said.

"To be brutally honest, I do not care, signore Marino. But do not worry, mio padre will compensate you either way."

- - -

(end of part two)

*Bites lip* I could continue with part three - I did more than I expected here and so there's now very little to write in part three, but hey. As a short warning, part three gets... well, rather ridiculous...

Oh whatever, I have time...

This is the end of it. Hope you've enjoyed it :)

(Part three)

"It's safe, they've both left," Iseult called. Gasparo and I shuffled out of our hiding place. "I thought...I thought you were both going to leave. I don't know what I would've done if you had." Tiny droplets started to stream down from her eyes to roll down her cheeks. Gasparo rushed towards her and embraced her. Wait...what?

"I will never leave you Iseult, I couldn't." Gasparo said. Iseult looked surprised and she wasn't the only one. "I was afraid at first, afraid of loving someone who wasn't human. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you're a nix, it's how you chose to act that matters." Iseult returned his embrace, but soon broke away, looking unhappy.

"But you're not going to want to stay forever, and the spell that gave you gils will wear off soon and I can only cast it once on the same human..." Iseult said. Gasparo shook his head.

"If staying in this cave for the rest of my life is my only option then I'll take it," he said.

"There is another option, but you aren't going to like it," Iseult said. Gasparo looked up hopefully. "I can make you like me, a nix."

"Yes," I found myself saying. It was the best option, I didn't ever want to go back to my father and a marriage to a terribly rude man, and Gasparo and Iseult loved each other, you could see it even though she hadn't said it. Perhaps I'd even learn to swim.

"Are you sure?" Iseult asked hopefully. Gasparo and I nodded. She smiled brightly and grabbed a box from that floor that I'd seen before but had never been able to open. "This is can only be opened by nixies. I keep these in it..." She lifted up two things that looked like sugar-cubes and passed one to each of us. "Eat them," she said.

They tasted like sugar-cubes too, though the texture was odd.

- - -

We decided to leave. Leave Italy that was, not Iseult. If we stayed there was a chance, slim but not not non-existant, that Vittore and Renato would return. Funny how I always referred to mio padre as Vittore now, but he was human and I... wasn't. It just made sense, like how swimming had come naturally to us after our transformation.

So we swam away, erecting a wall of sand behind us that Iseult turned to stone. I'd like to see them follow us now.

(end of part three)

Well there you go - my one shot Water Nix story complete with countless plot-holes and endless inconsistencies. Hope you enjoyed it.

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