Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I am (not) ninja

Right, so here's something I planned to post yesterday but didn't (mmm... Attack the Block distracted me). It's going to get pretty ramble-y (I'm sure that's not a word) but I swear there's a point to it.

Envision this situation. You've got a full draining board, three lots of dirty cutlery and plates and all the kitchen stuff it took to make dinner for three that night. No problem right? Now what if I tell you you've got five minutes to do it, no hot water, and hiccups (no I don't usually use Oxford commas, but it made sense here... really). What do you do? You rush.

So you've hurriedly put everything that was on the draining board away in between moaning to the laughing people around you that "hiccups aren't funny!", have boiled the kettle to fill up the sink and have washed up the first plate when the plug falls out. In your hurry you attempt to put the plate on the drying rack while focusing your attention on putting the plug back in the sink. You drop the plate onto a mug which was on the side (on its side too) and it rolls of and smashes onto the floor. You didn't even manage to put the plug back in. So you have to start pretty much all over again, replacing the clearing of the draining board with clearing up the scattered bits of ceramic mug.

Needless to say, you fail to do it in five minutes. The point? Given a stupid time limit, something will go wrong. I cite Finagle's Law (because it's worse than Murphy's... and allows for something going right in the first place).

Now think about this. You have two days instead of five minutes, in the exact same circumstances as last time except that now you have two days of washing up (which accumulates over the two days) and now all the washing up is from your food and only your food. You put it off. Then, it's five minutes before it needs to be done and you're rushing around to get it done in five minutes. Something again will inevitably go wrong.

So what I guess I'm trying to say is "set reasonable time limits for yourself". It may seem obvious, but not doing so happens more often than you might think.

Well that seems like a sad note to end on... At least you'll always have Llamas with Hats to cheer you up ;)

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