Monday, 10 October 2011

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hmm... I should probably start with the pre-requisite cheery greeting. Well here goes...


I'm Schulyer M. Niall (nope not my real name - I wish!). If anyone was wondering Schuyler is pronounced 'Skie-lar' and is a name introduced to America by Dutch settlers (Nope, not American or Dutch either. I'm 99ish% British with a few other backgrounds in there way down my family tree, though I suppose that no-one is 100% of any ethnicity). I read a bit of everything, though fantasy will always be my favourite genre and is the only genre I write. Fantasy's a pretty broad term, meaning "The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable" and so everything from vampires to aliens to the chance that I had risotto for dinner tonight (I had pasta, I cannot cook risotto... or even just the rice for that matter) counts as fantasy. So me saying that I only write fantasy is a bit like me saying I only eat food (If you haven't noticed yet, I like food XD)."

...And breathe. I don't really do cheery, so there you go. That was copy-pasted from my old fp if it seemed familiar (I mean really, you didn't expect me to write a new cheery greeting when the old when is perfectly fine did you?)

Anyway, intro over with, if you know me IRL then I'd have to say I'm amazed; I thought you guys were joking when you said my writing interested you (no offence to you all by the way, you should know by now that my self-esteem is several thousand kilometers underground...).

If you're here from Gaia I'm probably even more surprised - I didn't think anyone noticed the links I put up :)

Welcome all and feel free to pull up a stool. Perhaps I've managed to thoroughly discourage you from reading anything else I write, but stay for the cookies?

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